Autobiography of a Balloon

This cool breeze brushing my dermis makes me reminisce the soothing embrace of that morning child. His carefree giggle on seeing me bounce over that spiky grass healed my continuous pain. It is really surprising how much one can endure for the love of their carer. Emotions can be so much befooling at times. Lucky are the ones who experience them without a cost, but not me. Here I am, back amidst the deadly sticks and leaves. Not a soul around me, except that fledgling on a distant nest, who in itself seems to be fascinated by me and can soon be reason of my demise.

I need to shake off the evident for a while!

Glimmering stars in that spotless sky call me. Yet this string tying me to that expressionless branch holds me back. These moments are all I have because with the first ray of the sun my life’s countdown will eventually begin. But just one time before the final time, I wish –

I wish to soar high among the dying stars.

I wish to float amidst diffused clouds.

I wish to explore places of dark.

I wish to live free before my existence is cleaned.

I simply wish to feel better witnessing the ones who are still long there to suffer. Call me a sadist, but after all each one of us is a bit sadist from inside! Taking comfort in knowing that you are not the only one suffering is a form of sadism in itself.

Hush! I can see the Sun and so can I see that fledgling tottering towards me. It was a bliss knowing myself and this world for this short time. Maybe the explorer in me is born inquisitively with my next life. Adieu!

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