The Never Ending Battle

Yes. I am a survivor.

I have survived the eyes radiating demeaning glare at me. Battled with the swords of negligence trying to savage my very existence. I have cleared my way through the hedges bearing thorns, both real and fake, savouring the pain of every scratch and sighing relief when bruised with feathery touch. Still made it to clear pastures without signboards.

It never made any sense to me. I guess the ignorance of childhood shaded away the reminiscences of those events. However, as the ignorance got marred with the daunting revelations of life, the impact of ruthless attempts to break me down succeeded. Yet engulfed in the warmth of love of my night pillows, I survived the acrimonious treatments meted out to me.

Now I am alone. No pillow in near vicinity to linger on. Darkness trying to penetrate my small nutshell, but I will survive. I will not only survive, rather fight this darkness. It has made enough attempts to break me down but no more. It is time to look into its eyes and tell that its real existence is only behind things. Its existence is a proof of the presence of supreme power-‘light’. I will survive this dark phase until the light builds up inside me. Until I nourish it enough to never let any other darkness creep in so easily. I will not only survive but strengthen myself.

That will be the day when I will conquer life, by conquering self. At least, I have realised the real fight is not with what lies in sight but what is hidden.

So I will Strengthen, Conquer and Survive.

Trending: Organic milk

After organic food, the new trend set up wide across the nation is that of organic milk. But what organic food & beverage actually is? Well, any product or ingredient, produced without the use of chemical pesticides, synthetic fertilisers and basically anything that could potentially put your body through a lot of distress, is an organic product. With the frequent news of milk adulteration, the consumers are diverting their interests towards the organic milk. As a result many new companies have come into picture that claim of delivering organic milk to their customers.

A list of upcoming organic milk dairies in India is as follows:

  • Pride of cows
    • Location: Nashik
    • Farm: Lush greenery of Manchar, close to Pune. 25 acres.
    • Packaging: PET
    • An offshoot of the Rs 1,200 crore Parag Milk Foods
    • Market: supplies to Mumbai’s A-list including Sachin Tendulkar, Mukesh Ambani and Amitabh Bachchan


  • Astra Dairy
    • Office Location: Chennai
    • Farm Location: Ponthavakkam village, near Gummdipoondi in Thiruvallur District, Tamil Nadu
    • Set up in: December, 2012
    • Packaging: Glass
    • Market: Milk is sold at Rs. 75/liter to 1500 homes. Monthly subscription of Rs. 65/litre


  • Sarda Farms:
    • Location: Nashik
    • Delivery Area: Nashik and Mumbai
    • Set up in: 2013
    • Packaging: glass
    • Market: Rs 90 per litre, as opposed to Rs 40 per litre from most other brands.


  • Trader Koshy
    • Office Location: Chennai
    • Farm Location: five-acre farm in Thiruporur
    • Packaging: Plastic


  • The Right Moo
    • Office Location: Chennai
    • Farm Location: About 40-45 acres has been set apart for the dairy farm. Nearer to the farm is their fodder farm in about 400 odd acres of land which is leased.
    • Packaging: Plastic can
    • Market: A 500 ml can of milk costs Rs. 49.


  • Madras Milk, Chennai
    • Office Location: Chennai
    • Farm Location: T.Nagar
    • Set up in:
    • Packaging: Glass
    • Market: The milk is priced at Rs.70 and buffalo milk at Rs.80 a litre.


  • Back2Basics,
    • Distribution area: households in Delhi, Gurgaon.
    • Farm Location: farm in Gurgaon.
    • Set up in:
    • Packaging: food grade plastic pouches
    • Market: INR 150/ litre. current production of 130 liters of A2 milk per day


  • Trumilk
    • Office Location: Punjab, Delhi NCR and Chandigarh
    • Farm Location: MDVL farms(“Macro Dairy Ventures Pvt Ltd” )
    • Set up in:
    • Packaging: Available in pouches of 500 grams, and 1 litre and 2 litre bottles
    • Market: Starting at INR 76 per litre {whole milk}.


  • 4S
    • Distribution area: Gurgaon & Delhi
    • Farm Location: 6 sprawling farms managed by 4S Foods
    • Set up in:
    • Packaging: glass bottles {1 litre},
    • Market: INR 70 {1 litre bottle}; INR 150 {monthly delivery charges}.


  • Cowboys, Delhi
    • Office Location: Delhi
    • Farm Location: 350 acre farm in Jaipur
    • Set up in: January 2015
    • Packaging: Glass
    • Market: INR 80 per litre. Contact: +91-9971825938. the brand has already touched the Rs 2 crore revenue mark in the last financial year.


Disclaimer: It is simply a collection of bits of information. No biased data being presented.





Marvellous Milkers- Types of cattle in India

Some good information that I came across and compiled from different sources. A little fascinating to know that there are as many as 28 different breeds of cattle in India! Just have a look :

Good breed cattle are found mainly in dry parts of the country- Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh. In humid climate, a very poor type of cattle is found. These breeds can be classified into three categories based on their utility. These are (1) Milch breeds, (2) Dual purpose breeds and (3) Draft purpose/ Draught breeds.


Milch Breeds:

The word ‘Milch’ means domestic mammal kep for giving milk. Hence this is a milk giving category. Females yield a large quantity of milk than buffaloes. The important breeds of this group are Sahiwal, Red Sindhi, Gir, Tharparkar, and Rathi.


  • Sahiwal: 
  1. Location: Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Chhatisgarh and Madhya Pradesh.
  2. Appearance: red and light brown in colour, but some animals with white patches are also found.
  3. Milk productivity: cows under village conditions yield about 1350 kg in a lactation of 305 days. Well-bred cows on institutional farms yield an average of 2000-2500 Kg/lactation.


  • Red Sindhi:
  1. Location: The native habitat of this breed is Karachi and Hyderabad districts of Sindh province of Pakistan. Red Sindhi cattle are maintained on few organized Government farms in India.
  2. Appearance: The breed has red colour, which has shades from dark to dim yellow, with white patches on some animals. They have somewhat similarity in breed characteristics to that of Sahiwal but are smaller in size.
  3. Milk Productivity: The cows are high milk yielders and produce milk on an average 1800 kg ranging from 1500 to 2200 kg in a lactation of 305 days.


  • Gir:
  1. Location: Junagarh, Bhavnagar, and Amreli districts of Gujarat. also widely distributed in adjoining states of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and northern parts of Maharashtra.
  2. Appearance: purely red in colour and some are with patches of red, black and red & black on white skin.
  3. Milk Productivity: The cows are very good milk yielders with an average of 1400 kg ranging from 1200 to 2000 kg in lactation.


  • Rathi:
  1. Location: concentrated in the Bikaner district of Rajasthan.
  2. Appearance: The animals have brown colour with white patches and some animals with complete brown or black coalcolour with white patches are also found in the tract.
  3. Milk Productivity: The average lactation milk yield of Rathi cows is 1500 kg, which ranges from 1050 kg to 2000 kg.


  • Deoni:
  1. Location: popular dual-purpose breed in Marathwada region of Maharashtra state and adjoining parts of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh states. It is also found in Parbhani, Nanded and Osmanabad districts of Maharashtra and Bidar district of Karnataka
  2. Appearance: body colour is usually white and animals are also black and white spotted.
  3. Milk Productivity: The milk yield in Deoni cows ranges from 650 to 1,250 kg with an average of 950 kg.The Deoni bullocks are preferred for heavy work.


  • Tharparkar: 
  1. Location: found along the Indo-Pak border covering western Rajasthan and up to Rann of Kutch in Gujarat.
  2. Appearance: Animals are white or light grey.
  3. Milk Productivity: primarily for its milking potential. The average milk yield is 1,750 kg (range 900 to 2,150 kg), lactation length is 285 days (range 240 to 380 days).


Dual-Purpose breed:

These breeds are used both for milking and draft potential. females yield more than an average quantity of milk and the males are good working bullocks.


  • Hariana:           
  1. Location: The main tract of this breed is the Haryana state. The centre of origin is around Rohtak, Hisar and Gurgaon districts. This is the most popular dual-purpose breed of the Indo- Gangetic plains, and is widely spread in Punjab, Haryana, and Uttar Pradesh and also in parts of Madhya Pradesh.
  2. Appearance: white or light grey in colour.
  3. Milk Productivity: Average milk yield is around 1000 kg with a range of 690 to 1750 kg. Lactation length is about 270 days ranging from 240 to 330 dayshariana_cow


  • Kankrej:
  1. Location: found in southeast Rann of Kutch comprising Mehsana, Kutch, Ahmedabad, Kaira,Sabarkantha and Banaskantha districts of Gujarat, and Barmer and Jodhpur districts of Rajasthan.
  2. Appearance: heaviest breeds of cattle in India. he colour of the animal varies from silver-grey to iron-grey or steel-black.
  3. Milk Productivity: Cows are average milkers, yielding about 1,400 kg per lactation in terms and less in villages.


  • Ongole:
  1. Location: The native tract of this breed is the Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh. Ongole breeds are known as Nellore breed in Brazil.
  2. Appearance: The Ongole cattle have a glossy white coat.
  3. Milk productivity: Good specimens have given up to 1,500 kg of milk per lactation.


Draft-Purpose/ Draught breed:

A large majority of the indigenous breeds are of draft type, in which cows are poor milkers, but bullocks are superior in quality. Prominent draft breeds of cattle in India are Nagauri, Bachaur, Kherigarh, Malvi, Hallikar, Khillari, Kangayam, Nimari, Red Kandhari and Amritmahal. They are used mostly for the transport or power involving work.

Death of Darkness

(Pic credits: Self-sketched)

It is only our virtues that can overcast our flaws, just like the sunrise that steers its way through the darkness, giving hope to billions of souls. For every good deed that we do, we simply uncover the humanity hidden behind the dark soiled sheets of injustice, inequality and countless vices.

For every good act meted out to us, we simply smile and whisper-“humanity still exists”. Even though we have civilized through ages with technology creeping deep and uplifting our society. Yetwe have degraded in terms of moral values. We have lost respect for mankind, love for our brethren and concern for our future generation. We happen to live in a mistical world of greed and pride, inhabited by self-centric souls.

If we really wish to actually live a healthy life-deprived of self loathing, criticism and all forms of cynicism then we need to let the sun rise within each of us. We need to listen to that voice deep inside us that tries to reach out to us every time we take a wrong step.

We need to witness the magic of humanity.

We need to let the sun rise within each soul.

Else the day wont be far when we ourselves will be responsible for our extinction.

Preserving Identity

[Pic: Self sketched]

How often have we come across statements striking bluntly at our behaviour, way of living or our perspective towards life? I suppose for most of us, it is almost every day. In this world of contrasting opinions, the toughest task for an individual is not to excel than others or be financially stronger than others. Rather it is to preserve his/her identity in an environment where every second individual you come across is trying to transform you the way they want. Just give this thought a moment and you will realise its universal veracity.

But remind you, standing for what you are and continuing to be what you are, are two different scenarios. In a sudden moment of realization you might cluster up all your courage and stand for your true self. That might last for few moments and even fade away with time. Persisting on that decision is like walking on a bed of nails and telling everyone you can do it.

With this thought in mind I tried sketching out this composition. Hope it triggers the feel in your heart that it actually intends to.

The root that turned DARK


Yes you. The flower which no longer flourishes in the garden of my life.

The flower which turned into weed scavenging away the nectar of other flowers thriving happily in the garden.

You had to be got ridden off. Though I had watered and nurtured you so tenderly. Provided you with best of sunlight and fresh air. Expected you to spread your fragrance, invigorating other plants dwelling nearby, to create an exhilarating environment for others to rejuvenate and live better. But somewhere deep down, the roots darkened steadily. Reasons unknown but it eventually capillaried up the stem.

It was hard to uproot you and to take you far away from my garden. Yet I expected you to plant yourself well. Develop new roots, adjust yourself to the new survival essentials and flourish on your own. I never returned to check how well you grew or you desiccated away. Nor did I ever feel like. But once in a while I definitely wished for some breeze to pass by, narrating your well-being, without any prospects in mind to transplant you back here, but simply to learn about your presence.

My garden is a happy place. But there were many dark roots like you. All of them dearly uprooted before they tried ruining others. Though some are still gnawing my existence, but they haven’t reached the brim yet.

You were not suited for my garden. But maybe you are suited for someone else’s. Someone who is benefited by your new features. Someone who would like to nurture you and gain from you in return. Being not a right choice for my garden doesn’t lower your importance or prospects of growth in this world. You just need to locate one new gardener or in fact develop a garden of your own for saplings like you and nurture them in return.

Crochet: Unfolding Creativity

Learning is a never ending process. But it is super fun only if you enjoy doing it. A forced learning would simply crush your spirit and result in no positive outcome.

However, many a times my interests force the learning process on me and that coupled with my worst habit of inability to sit idle simply adds fuel to it.

I needed something to keep me busy and this time I resort to learning crochet being fascinated by its level of creativity. Having been through with the basics of knitting, I took over learning crochet in recent times and it is really fun.

I followed a tutorial for beginners available on Youtube, uploaded by The Crochet Crowd. The tutorial was quite simple to follow and described of every minute detail one can come across while learning crochet.

While still in learning phase I turned my learning workpiece into a beautiful mobile phone pouch. However it is still not completely garnished with minute details, yet I feel extremely excited about my future projects.img_20161111_221558img_20161111_221547