A phase that shall pass? – Covid19 Quarantine

I always wondered why people found it always a difficult task to fight back social demeaning. Like every inexperienced human, I would respond – “It is just a phase, deal with it. It shall pass.” Yet, it is always easier said than done.

It’s easy to ignore, unless those doubtful eyes with eerie trail follow you.

It’s easy to unhear, unless that glanced whispering is a baseless fuss about you.

It’s easy to move on, unless numerous unknown fingers are blindly pointing at you.

It’s easy to sleep, unless muffled accusations hijack your dreams for unintentional deeds.

It’s easy to breathe, unless your breath becomes detrimental to life’s existence around.

It’s easy to preach, unless you have walked in those shoes!

Yes, I am an international traveller, having committed the dire mistake to dream and explore the world.
Yes, I am under strict quarantine, to not to save me but the numerous lives that directly or indirectly depend on me.
Yes, I try to keep myself shut behind the walls of my home, in an effort to save myself from the miseries of social demeaning.
Yes, I try to distance myself from the people who brought me to life, because no other than them are at the greatest risk of my very own existence.

But why at all mention these words, that will again fade away in the minds of all reading this as, “A phase that will pass away!”

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