What is Mandala or Mandala Art?

The correlation between art with spirituality has never ceased to amaze the human mind. Just like music is known to heal the soul, art also mends the broken pieces, putting the mind to rest. One such art-form is Mandala art.

Mandala has been derived from Sanskrit word – ‘Mandal ( मण्डल)’, meaning circle. Hence, it generally is artwork in circular form as shown below:

Mandalas have been quite prominently witnessed in Hinduism and Buddhism. They can be drawn on conventional paper, cloth, wall and floor, or can even be made using coloured sand (done under Tibetan Buddhist tradition).

Mandala represents wholeness. It is usually a cosmic diagram reminding us of our relation to infinity. This gives mandala a spiritual significance. I f observed closely, one can find mandala in every aspect of life and nature – the Earth, the Sun, the Moon and more obviously the circles of life encapsulating friends, families and communities.

Various scientific research and studies have shown the healing or spiritual effect of Mandala on human mind and has been used to treat mentally challenged people across the globe.

You can follow more works on mandala art on my instagram page.


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