Journey – We call it LIFE

Journey- several paths a person passes by and reminisces later the thrill and happiness. But one journey that never ceases is this amazing life. A journey on Earth, from life to death, entangling to some strings while cutting off others, a bedlam of happiness and gloom and a struggle to hold on to fading memories.
There are moments of ecstasy when you just want all the clocks in the world to stop ticking and then comes the remorse where the same clocks take revenge and stop ticking themselves. Though cruel it might sound, it eventually gets carved out as that beautiful painting on a canvas that you struggle so hard to paint but the final picture always puts you in awe of your efforts.

Several years later, all the hardships become a reason behind your smile, when you walk down that lonely moor beside the river. There might not be people around to share that feeling with. But that smile shall surpass the comfort of countless souls. People often remark- that is how time heals everything! Nevertheless it is the Magic of Life! It’s like the childhood pal, Tinkerbell passes by you in disguise, sprinkling the magical sand and uplifting your soul!

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