A phase that shall pass? – Covid19 Quarantine

I always wondered why people found it always a difficult task to fight back social demeaning. Like every inexperienced human, I would respond - "It is just a phase, deal with it. It shall pass." Yet, it is always easier said than done. It's easy to ignore, unless those doubtful eyes with eerie trail follow... Continue Reading →

Journey – We call it LIFE

Journey- several paths a person passes by and reminisces later the thrill and happiness. But one journey that never ceases is this amazing life. A journey on Earth, from life to death, entangling to some strings while cutting off others, a bedlam of happiness and gloom and a struggle to hold on to fading memories.... Continue Reading →

Nature’s Wonderland: KARJAT

Wow…..this sounds so interesting! Should I go for it? Wait, may be something wrong happens. How will I cope up then? But it might be fun as well. Oh God! Help me what to do. Sounds familiar? You and your conscience simply arguing away and no one listening. Well it happens with me and might... Continue Reading →

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