Marvellous Milkers- Types of cattle in India

Some good information that I came across and compiled from different sources. A little fascinating to know that there are as many as 28 different breeds of cattle in India! Just have a look : Good breed cattle are found mainly in dry parts of the country- Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh. In... Continue Reading →

The root that turned DARK

You. Yes you. The flower which no longer flourishes in the garden of my life. The flower which turned into weed scavenging away the nectar of other flowers thriving happily in the garden. You had to be got ridden off. Though I had watered and nurtured you so tenderly. Provided you with best of sunlight... Continue Reading →

From the corner of my Mind

[Pic: Self-edited and self-written] Heard from most of the writers but seldom felt the need of an inspiration to pen down few words in life. For me a grave moment can water the seed of thoughts and ideas just sprout. Though still an amateur, writing acts as a vent for me to escape from this... Continue Reading →

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