Glimpse of Madhubani Art

#self-sketched Setting goals is quite an easy effort.  But working rigorously to transform them to reality is the true challenge. Sanguine perspective with a tinge of fiery passion always results in a masterpiece, be it life or a hobby! This artwork of mine was a meticulous rendezvous with Madhubani art and its intricacies. It is... Continue Reading →

Marvellous Milkers- Types of cattle in India

Some good information that I came across and compiled from different sources. A little fascinating to know that there are as many as 28 different breeds of cattle in India! Just have a look : Good breed cattle are found mainly in dry parts of the country- Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh. In... Continue Reading →

Nature’s Wonderland: KARJAT

Wow…..this sounds so interesting! Should I go for it? Wait, may be something wrong happens. How will I cope up then? But it might be fun as well. Oh God! Help me what to do. Sounds familiar? You and your conscience simply arguing away and no one listening. Well it happens with me and might... Continue Reading →

Some answers are simply hidden in nature. One just needs the patience and an eye to decipher them.

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