Death of Darkness

(Pic credits: Self-sketched) It is only our virtues that can overcast our flaws, just like the sunrise that steers its way through the darkness, giving hope to billions of souls. For every good deed that we do, we simply uncover the humanity hidden behind the dark soiled sheets of injustice, inequality and countless vices. For... Continue Reading →

Preserving Identity

[Pic: Self sketched] How often have we come across statements striking bluntly at our behaviour, way of living or our perspective towards life? I suppose for most of us, it is almost every day. In this world of contrasting opinions, the toughest task for an individual is not to excel than others or be financially... Continue Reading →

Pen Rangoli

[Pic: self-sketched] Festival of lights is ready to embark its magnificence on the cadaverous life of the Indian society. Families are vigorously planning up activities to surpass the happiness levels achieved the previous year. Yet, I sit here alone away from my family, waiting for the days to steadily pass by. With this waiting time... Continue Reading →

Truly Madly Deeply

[Pic: Self-Sketched and digitally edited] TRULY.....MADLY.....DEEPLY IN LOVE. The beauty of long distance relationship is unique in itself. An adventure of its own kind. And the people who are a part of such relation are simply riding a roller coaster with high number of ups, downs and loops. If experienced seriously, one can TRULY feel the... Continue Reading →

From the corner of my Mind

[Pic: Self-edited and self-written] Heard from most of the writers but seldom felt the need of an inspiration to pen down few words in life. For me a grave moment can water the seed of thoughts and ideas just sprout. Though still an amateur, writing acts as a vent for me to escape from this... Continue Reading →

Just You & Me

Simple fantasies grabbing hold of every single mind, yet hardly few of them get a chance to express- some fearing the inability to fulfill them, while others even fearing to coming across any of them. But when I have a rendezvous with any such out of league fantasy, I either pen them down or sketch... Continue Reading →


Be it extremely dark or a bright sunshine, when it comes to her passion, a ballerina simply dances her heart out, forgetting everything in surrounding. That is the effect a dream has on its true follower. Sometimes a pen and a paper is enough for me to do something meaningful. Sketched this using ballpoint pen... Continue Reading →

Fun with Pastels: Ganesha

Well, when I have nothing else to do, I have my pen an oil pastels to brighten up my day! How colors can make a difference is quite evident from my today's experiment. It is truly said: Life is like a canvas and the emotions are the different colors that paint this canvas, producing beautiful... Continue Reading →

Nature’s Wonderland: KARJAT

Wow…..this sounds so interesting! Should I go for it? Wait, may be something wrong happens. How will I cope up then? But it might be fun as well. Oh God! Help me what to do. Sounds familiar? You and your conscience simply arguing away and no one listening. Well it happens with me and might... Continue Reading →

The Dilemma

Here I stand staring the sky, Questioning, reasoning and answering, Knowing not what lies next, Just talking to conscience and arguing. Do I get what I deserve? Or is it just a game of fate. Pursuing hints that life really offers, Or blindly searching the success gate. Sacrificing things so dear to me, That’s needed-... Continue Reading →

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