“Mess with me, only if you have the guts to payback!” – Lady of the House

He speaks highly of fading humanity from this world. He roams around in sophisticated attires like archaeologists trying to excavate fossils of emotions. He moans of having to fight alone in this competitive world for his families’ survival. He boasts of being independent, or should I say more correctly, self-dependent. Yet here he is throwing orders at his highest pitch for pettiest of things; gaining confidence in lowering her dignity and taking pride by questioning her efficiency! In spite of all this, with all due respect, she maintains the needed decorum, keeps you aptly nourished and greets you every day with the same ever-glowing smile with a hope that your day goes well.

Yes, she is the ‘Lady of the house’ and ‘he’ is that community who fails to recognise her never failing efforts. Such talks have now become a day to day affair. However, I pity that it hardly affects the stone-hearted conscience of our society. Such events are like an explosion in a valley. The echo is heard for some time and then it all vanishes into thin air.

Having observed the regular occurrences of such incidents and having contemplated for some time, I anticipate that the only solution to such unbending situation is for the righteous to take her stand.

Now if that tags me to be a feminist, well no doubt I am a feminist. If speaking out loud to strengthen your self-dignity is feminism, I very well accept that. It is high time now for the Sheroes to rise. Her self-respect is not so weak for every second person to destroy. If she has the tenderness to volatilize all your grievances, then she also has the metal to slay down the hands causing injustice!

There have been several instances, when she has made it quite clear – “Mess with me, only if you have the guts to payback!

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