Life of an Eye

Pics: [Self-Sketched] 

Sparkling, wet, dry, furious, hopeful, thoughtful, gloomy – an endless list of adjectives, just to describe a beautiful pair of eyes. Have you ever realised that Eyes are our only organs that can feel everything, whether materialistic or abstract, both consciously and otherwise. 

In a way, eyes are the actual beacon of your day-to-day chores. Take few moments to gaze at a starry sky and you are charged up with enormous volatge of hope. You see a puppy struggling along the street edgelines in search of food, and your whole day passes away comtemplating and sympathising. You see an old couple being deprived of their basic needs and rage lits up at the back of your mind. The theatre portrays a sentimental act and you leave the show with watery eyes. 

The situations are endless,yet directly related to your scope of view. We relate to things that we see. Even we relive the memories as if we are actually seeing them again. This whole array of uncensored emotions is in direct correlation to your sight. 

The eye sees it all yet never complains. From darkest secrets to lightest humour, it treasures everything. That is its destiny! That is its Life! 

13 thoughts on “Life of an Eye

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  1. If you so much care about how your day gets ruined then you simply stop caring for my smile!
    And for your kind information the person over reacting here is YOU.
    If you cannot handle simple No from people then why do you care for their permission.
    You initiated fuelling this conversation and then requesting me stop commenting.
    Hahaha….no wonder you made me laugh on human beings than smile.
    Thanks for making my day!


      1. it won’t! you just feel beautiful, so i’d love to write for you to make you smile. i don’t write for favors.


      2. Thank you for your gesture. But my reference to favour did not carry any materialistic expression. If you are making time to do something like this, it definitely would have an abstract angle associated to it. So just wanted to know out of curiosity. Besides, I am not among people wanting to know from others how they are! The results of my action are my preferred critics. Thanks anyways..


      3. you’re thinking a lil too much, than you should have. all i wanted was to write for you, so i could make you smile. i have a lil blog where i write.
        but anyway, take care!


      4. What i think is you are expecting too much then you should really be doin! Why will any person talk to you just to fill your blog’s texts! Are you an official giving away unrequested character certificates or its just your free will to poke your nose into people’s life! You know now i am gonna write a blog on a desperate judgemental irritant like you. Do let me know how you feel!


      5. excuse me? you’re accusing of me things, that has nothing to do what i wanted to do. like i said, all i wanted was to write for you, because i wanted to make you smile. that’s about it. and no, i’m not judgmental at all. but you’re. and that’s what you’re doing right now. and you called me desperate for no reason at all. you should act your age and not over react on such small things. and stop thinking so much. i just wanted to write. that’s it. and just don;t reply. you’ll just ruin my mood. have a nice day.


      6. and i expected nothing. i just wanted to write to make you smile. but you judged me. and accused me of things. that’s just rude.


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