One word for thousands to follow- LOVE

[Pic: Self-sketched]

Staring at the weird design printed on your bed sheet, I know you are not analysing the print. Rather, you are analysing things imprinted deep inside your head. Series of events that have webbed your true vision, making it tough for you to look and think straight.

The fear of losing me amidst your personal confusions clubbed with fear of losing yourself, with no one around to embrace you and tell you that everything will be fine, must be tough. But I just want you to know that your fear of losing me is groundless.

You must be speculating that the continuous hammering will break the stick whose each end we are holding on to. But after my deliberations, what I perceive is that the stick just got thicker. These troublesome situations have given us endless moments to come closer, to listen, to discuss and foremost to know each other. And the best part is, even after having sailed with you through this troublesome sea, I simply don’t want to get down at the shore. I want to set out with you on a new voyage, exploring new horizons, because that would be the best way to be with you day and night.

We will take turns to push our boat through the thick weeds. If it still got tougher, we will leave behind the boat and swim across the sea to the nearest shore, but will never let anything stop our beautiful voyage. We will sail, we will run, we will fly, we will float and if need be, we will even fall together, because life is inevitable.

These are not just empty words. You will feel their weight as time progresses. Don’t worry! That won’t stress you at all, because a weight like this will only make you lighter. It will enhance the quality of happiness surrounding our world. Yes! Our world. A world, whose boundaries are defined by our existence. Everything we touch, feel and live by. In short, our small nutshell in this endless expanse of universe.

I have made my decision. So what do you say?

Will you be willing to electrify for me, this mundane asylum filled with crazy people?

Will you help me walk stiff and pass through the erratic paths?

Will you be my pillow of love so that I have the sweetest of dreams to vaporise all my mental knots?

Will you be my Santa and fulfil all my unspoken wishes?

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