The Never Ending Battle

Yes. I am a survivor.

I have survived the eyes radiating demeaning glare at me. Battled with the swords of negligence trying to savage my very existence. I have cleared my way through the hedges bearing thorns, both real and fake, savouring the pain of every scratch and sighing relief when bruised with feathery touch. Still made it to clear pastures without signboards.

It never made any sense to me. I guess the ignorance of childhood shaded away the reminiscences of those events. However, as the ignorance got marred with the daunting revelations of life, the impact of ruthless attempts to break me down succeeded. Yet engulfed in the warmth of love of my night pillows, I survived the acrimonious treatments meted out to me.

Now I am alone. No pillow in near vicinity to linger on. Darkness trying to penetrate my small nutshell, but I will survive. I will not only survive, rather fight this darkness. It has made enough attempts to break me down but no more. It is time to look into its eyes and tell that its real existence is only behind things. Its existence is a proof of the presence of supreme power-‘light’. I will survive this dark phase until the light builds up inside me. Until I nourish it enough to never let any other darkness creep in so easily. I will not only survive but strengthen myself.

That will be the day when I will conquer life, by conquering self. At least, I have realised the real fight is not with what lies in sight but what is hidden.

So I will Strengthen, Conquer and Survive.

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