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After organic food, the new trend set up wide across the nation is that of organic milk. But what organic food & beverage actually is? Well, any product or ingredient, produced without the use of chemical pesticides, synthetic fertilisers and basically anything that could potentially put your body through a lot of distress, is an organic product. With the frequent news of milk adulteration, the consumers are diverting their interests towards the organic milk. As a result many new companies have come into picture that claim of delivering organic milk to their customers.

A list of upcoming organic milk dairies in India is as follows:

  • Pride of cows
    • Location: Nashik
    • Farm: Lush greenery of Manchar, close to Pune. 25 acres.
    • Packaging: PET
    • An offshoot of the Rs 1,200 crore Parag Milk Foods
    • Market: supplies to Mumbai’s A-list including Sachin Tendulkar, Mukesh Ambani and Amitabh Bachchan


  • Astra Dairy
    • Office Location: Chennai
    • Farm Location: Ponthavakkam village, near Gummdipoondi in Thiruvallur District, Tamil Nadu
    • Set up in: December, 2012
    • Packaging: Glass
    • Market: Milk is sold at Rs. 75/liter to 1500 homes. Monthly subscription of Rs. 65/litre


  • Sarda Farms:
    • Location: Nashik
    • Delivery Area: Nashik and Mumbai
    • Set up in: 2013
    • Packaging: glass
    • Market: Rs 90 per litre, as opposed to Rs 40 per litre from most other brands.


  • Trader Koshy
    • Office Location: Chennai
    • Farm Location: five-acre farm in Thiruporur
    • Packaging: Plastic


  • The Right Moo
    • Office Location: Chennai
    • Farm Location: About 40-45 acres has been set apart for the dairy farm. Nearer to the farm is their fodder farm in about 400 odd acres of land which is leased.
    • Packaging: Plastic can
    • Market: A 500 ml can of milk costs Rs. 49.


  • Madras Milk, Chennai
    • Office Location: Chennai
    • Farm Location: T.Nagar
    • Set up in:
    • Packaging: Glass
    • Market: The milk is priced at Rs.70 and buffalo milk at Rs.80 a litre.


  • Back2Basics,
    • Distribution area: households in Delhi, Gurgaon.
    • Farm Location: farm in Gurgaon.
    • Set up in:
    • Packaging: food grade plastic pouches
    • Market: INR 150/ litre. current production of 130 liters of A2 milk per day


  • Trumilk
    • Office Location: Punjab, Delhi NCR and Chandigarh
    • Farm Location: MDVL farms(“Macro Dairy Ventures Pvt Ltd” )
    • Set up in:
    • Packaging: Available in pouches of 500 grams, and 1 litre and 2 litre bottles
    • Market: Starting at INR 76 per litre {whole milk}.


  • 4S
    • Distribution area: Gurgaon & Delhi
    • Farm Location: 6 sprawling farms managed by 4S Foods
    • Set up in:
    • Packaging: glass bottles {1 litre},
    • Market: INR 70 {1 litre bottle}; INR 150 {monthly delivery charges}.


  • Cowboys, Delhi
    • Office Location: Delhi
    • Farm Location: 350 acre farm in Jaipur
    • Set up in: January 2015
    • Packaging: Glass
    • Market: INR 80 per litre. Contact: +91-9971825938. the brand has already touched the Rs 2 crore revenue mark in the last financial year.


Disclaimer: It is simply a collection of bits of information. No biased data being presented.





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