Death of Darkness

(Pic credits: Self-sketched)

It is only our virtues that can overcast our flaws, just like the sunrise that steers its way through the darkness, giving hope to billions of souls. For every good deed that we do, we simply uncover the humanity hidden behind the dark soiled sheets of injustice, inequality and countless vices.

For every good act meted out to us, we simply smile and whisper-“humanity still exists”. Even though we have civilized through ages with technology creeping deep and uplifting our society. Yetwe have degraded in terms of moral values. We have lost respect for mankind, love for our brethren and concern for our future generation. We happen to live in a mistical world of greed and pride, inhabited by self-centric souls.

If we really wish to actually live a healthy life-deprived of self loathing, criticism and all forms of cynicism then we need to let the sun rise within each of us. We need to listen to that voice deep inside us that tries to reach out to us every time we take a wrong step.

We need to witness the magic of humanity.

We need to let the sun rise within each soul.

Else the day wont be far when we ourselves will be responsible for our extinction.

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