Preserving Identity

[Pic: Self sketched]

How often have we come across statements striking bluntly at our behaviour, way of living or our perspective towards life? I suppose for most of us, it is almost every day. In this world of contrasting opinions, the toughest task for an individual is not to excel than others or be financially stronger than others. Rather it is to preserve his/her identity in an environment where every second individual you come across is trying to transform you the way they want. Just give this thought a moment and you will realise its universal veracity.

But remind you, standing for what you are and continuing to be what you are, are two different scenarios. In a sudden moment of realization you might cluster up all your courage and stand for your true self. That might last for few moments and even fade away with time. Persisting on that decision is like walking on a bed of nails and telling everyone you can do it.

With this thought in mind I tried sketching out this composition. Hope it triggers the feel in your heart that it actually intends to.

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