The root that turned DARK


Yes you. The flower which no longer flourishes in the garden of my life.

The flower which turned into weed scavenging away the nectar of other flowers thriving happily in the garden.

You had to be got ridden off. Though I had watered and nurtured you so tenderly. Provided you with best of sunlight and fresh air. Expected you to spread your fragrance, invigorating other plants dwelling nearby, to create an exhilarating environment for others to rejuvenate and live better. But somewhere deep down, the roots darkened steadily. Reasons unknown but it eventually capillaried up the stem.

It was hard to uproot you and to take you far away from my garden. Yet I expected you to plant yourself well. Develop new roots, adjust yourself to the new survival essentials and flourish on your own. I never returned to check how well you grew or you desiccated away. Nor did I ever feel like. But once in a while I definitely wished for some breeze to pass by, narrating your well-being, without any prospects in mind to transplant you back here, but simply to learn about your presence.

My garden is a happy place. But there were many dark roots like you. All of them dearly uprooted before they tried ruining others. Though some are still gnawing my existence, but they haven’t reached the brim yet.

You were not suited for my garden. But maybe you are suited for someone else’s. Someone who is benefited by your new features. Someone who would like to nurture you and gain from you in return. Being not a right choice for my garden doesn’t lower your importance or prospects of growth in this world. You just need to locate one new gardener or in fact develop a garden of your own for saplings like you and nurture them in return.

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