Crochet: Unfolding Creativity

Learning is a never ending process. But it is super fun only if you enjoy doing it. A forced learning would simply crush your spirit and result in no positive outcome.

However, many a times my interests force the learning process on me and that coupled with my worst habit of inability to sit idle simply adds fuel to it.

I needed something to keep me busy and this time I resort to learning crochet being fascinated by its level of creativity. Having been through with the basics of knitting, I took over learning crochet in recent times and it is really fun.

I followed a tutorial for beginners available on Youtube, uploaded by The Crochet Crowd. The tutorial was quite simple to follow and described of every minute detail one can come across while learning crochet.

While still in learning phase I turned my learning workpiece into a beautiful mobile phone pouch. However it is still not completely garnished with minute details, yet I feel extremely excited about my future projects.img_20161111_221558img_20161111_221547

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