Roadtrip to untouched nature: Kashid

It happens many a times that reel life affects you in a way that you cannot help yourself but to try recreate it in real life. So did me! With least expectations attached, as real life is way different from reel, I set out on a road trip adventure in company of love and friendship. Yeah! a completely unimaginable experience for SANJINIE.


Bright sunny morning, not a care in the world and such a handsome love in sight, the trip started. Adrenaline rush taking everything to a super excited level and the google map doing the rest (because the fastest route according to it, is not always the best route 😀 ).

Savouring the beautiful sight of varied aspects of nature: hills covered with fog in anonymous shapes, roads winding into endless curves and serenity of the moment, far away from the monotonous din of daily city life. It felt as if it was the ultimate way of salvation from all the worldly stress.


This time it was KASHID. Unlike the last tour, the Karjat trek, this was a pot pourrri of hills, plains, beaches, forts and sea. A four hour road journey with short temporary stops to enjoy scenic landscapes or to fill our tummies, was really worthwhile taking out my time for. There were even moments when the road and sea were running parallel. Totally awesome view.

The serene rendezvous of sea and sky was simply breathtaking.


Though Kashid can be defined close to village as I had no mobile phone network for the entire time I was there. A little scary, but it was a bliss as it kept me aloof from all virtual connections and helped me connect more with the real people around me. The next day when we headed towards the KASHID beach. It was a completely different view from night before. We relished the completely different beauty with hot served maggi and tea.


The next most awesome thing on the trip was to experience the magnificence of invincible JALJIRA fort near Murud. Approximately 20 km from Kashid. This fort seriously challenges all the architectural concepts. It stands undefeated for years in the middle of the sea for more than a century.


It was a real fun lifetime of a road trip. Hoping for some more similar adventures in future!

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  1. This reminds me of my journey to Kashid & Murud 5 years back! On second thoughts, it actually reminds me of what we had thought our journey would be like! 😀 One fine day, Me and two of my friends decided that we should visit this totally awesome white sand beach.So we started the night before, albeit from different states! I hope to get down to penning down that botched but amazing journey some day on my blog. Untill then, I ‘ll visit this post of yours to revisit those memories 🙂
    Cheers! Keep travelling 🙂

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