From the corner of my Mind

[Pic: Self-edited and self-written]

Heard from most of the writers but seldom felt the need of an inspiration to pen down few words in life. For me a grave moment can water the seed of thoughts and ideas just sprout. Though still an amateur, writing acts as a vent for me to escape from this mythic world. It helps me realise the camphor nature of all the problems, which if accurately dealt with, simply vanish in air. Months later, I simply smile over the reminiscence of the situation. What I feel, it is simply a matter of perspective. A slight willing change in perspective can work miracles. It might not solve the issue but it can definitely give you courage and hope to keep dealing with it because in the long run it might not matter at all. If somehow your creation fails in some way, change the way of seeing at it and you might discover another opportunity, completely unseen in the normal way. You are the creator of pictures on the canvas of your life. Paint it as you like and if some colour mars the overall picture, use that colour to create a new composition altogether, that stands different in all respect.

It might sound philosophical and bookish and it certainly does! But one can never feel its magic until one applies it to his own life. All great poets and philosophers could preach such ideas only because at some or the other point in their life that had to face such situations and the way they dealt with them was penned down forever!

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