Nature’s Wonderland: KARJAT

Wow…..this sounds so interesting!

Should I go for it?

Wait, may be something wrong happens. How will I cope up then?

But it might be fun as well.

Oh God! Help me what to do.

Sounds familiar? You and your conscience simply arguing away and no one listening. Well it happens with me and might be with you as well.

Many a times in our lives, we come across situations when we set out on an unknown trail accompanied by random people. In such situation, most of the times, one is unsure whether he/she should follow that trail or not. With apprehensions of ending up in uncomfortable scenario, one generally chooses not to go along that uncertain path. But during such last few rough rendezvous with my conscience, I ended up following the unknown trail and trust me it was awesome each and every time.

The first step seems too heavy to take. As if there is an endless expanse of ocean in front of you. Although you know that there is a whole new different world beneath the surface and you just need to let it all go and take the chance, yet the fear of losing something always tries to hold you back. But the moment you take that first step and dive in, it’s a totally new adventure. All your fears that you might get a cold feet are automatically crushed as you struggle to swim harder in order to explore everything in your reach at that new place.

This is how I ended up in Karjat. With a travel time of approximate 1.5 hour from Mumbai, this beautiful place simply seems to dwell peacefully in the bosom of Mother Nature. It is like the creator was at complete peace while carving out this place on earth.


The lush green that covers this place in bounty during the monsoon is a real treat to the eyes. Within moments you can feel the harmony that exists between the different elements of nature and just as you do that, a cold breeze rushes past you, as if consenting to your thoughts.


A small trek to the Ullhas valley that abodes a mesmerizing waterfall and the intricate Kondwana caves is a small adventure to experience with your friends. Small victories that you feel after completing milestones along the trek really boost your confidence. Besides this, the landscape and minor wildlife are already doing their task of washing off the urban stress from your soul.


This one day journey really has the potential to uplift your fallen aspirations in life. It truly rejuvenates you in every sense possible, prompting you that there is much more to life, than this futile stress and boredom.


Had I not taken that heavy FIRST step, I would have really missed a lot. I would have missed my chance to visit this Nature’s Wonderland!

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