Those were the days

[Pic: self-sketched]

It all started around valentine’s week…but it had its root developed over a period greater than two years.

Those were the days…of initial college life when a boy, who loved to enjoy his heart out, realized that it was time to give in to the preparations for the semi-annual college semesters and felt a need of proper guidance for the same. For this he approached a girl, about whom he had no idea that she would turn out to be his MAGICAL ANGEL in the years to come. Very simple and polite, this girl had a glitter of ambitions in her sparkling eyes. She helped the boy in every aspect that he asked her for. Her notes were always adorned with beautiful calligraphy and explanations were quite vivid. This did appear to be a naive issue then, but now when the boy looked back in time, he realized, that was the helping hand which helped him shape his future. Years passed, and the angel stood by him helping him prepare for all his academic pursuits, bearing the same smile each and every time. Over the due course of time, both became very close friends. The word ‘close’ might fall short for appropriately defining the understanding that the two of them shared. They laughed like carefree children, they explored like free birds. The time from sunrise to sunset was not sufficient enough to satiate them with each other’s presence.

Those were the days, when trying to achieve the best was every single students’ wish. Somewhere in this blind race of acquiring the superior position, people even stepped over their best friend’s dreams. But they were different. When every soul on campus had their heads in books, they had their ears on phone. They talked all night long, had the most stupid conversation at most crucial times and always seemed to have each other’s back. If today someone asked him, do dreams come true? He would undoubtedly say ‘yes’, because the two souls eventually happened to live what that girl simply dreamt of, one day. A cold December evening was the time when destiny smiled on them giving them an opportunity to explore more together, as they ended up serving the same organization after college.

Those were the days of cheerful valentine’s week, the time to which this note actually refers. Challenging the usual course that their life was following, they surrendered to the ecstatic feeling of love. They swore to be the pillar of each other’s life in best and worst.

Those were the days, when the only responsibility on their shoulders was to make each other smile.

Those were the days, when the only worry was inability to see each other at any point of time.

Those were the days, when the love was in its purest form, unmarred by the ravages of time and the cruelty of world.

Those were the days, when all they had was the company of each other.

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